Read what is in the boxes below and after reading it click in the box and supply the information.if you desire to change what is in the box delete the the material and go away from the box and the instruction will returned and then you can refill the box.
The information above is for our use and the information below is for CREATING YOUR OWN WEB SITE. We are using as an example the "Delano Recreation Center Soccer League", which you can view by going to and selecting "Delano Recreation Center Soccer League"
In the two boxes below create your login and password. Your login name and password will be necessary to log in to your cite to enter the data you want your viewers to know after you create your web site. When logged in you may modify and or add or delete schedules. Once you supply all the information click on the word below and right saying "create new event". then you can login by clicking on the bottom link saying "administrator log in click here".
The director may add as many boxes and events as desired and retain them in the event schedule as long as desired so that the scores may be reviewed by the director or anyone which is frequently of interest to all. It is planned that when someone first seeks to view the schedule the games for that date will appear at the top and thus if the viewer desires to see games played he will scroll up and to view the games to be played in the future will appear below. We have also added search term box where anyone may bring up all the boxes by team name, date, fields, etc.
To delete or change records first click on the box to the left of the line you desired to delete or change. Then click words below and right of the schedule event box saying "Delete Schedule".
Field Location